Residents voice concerns at Mayor Santellana's town hall

Residents voice concerns at Mayor Santellana's town hall

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana's held a town hall at the MPEC Tuesday afternoon.

Some residents in attendance shared their concerns about the direction the city is going in and whether the plans city officials had in mind fit the needs of the community.

One plan that officials are still pursuing is a hotel near the MPEC. They believe it will attract people to visit and make Wichita Falls an ideal place to host more conventions. Some residents at the town hall did not feel like it would be a good idea long term.

Mayor Santellana said that the city has conducted case studies with experts that could see if the hotel would be successful long term. The Mayor said he's 100% confident that the hotel would be a success.

"Now we have the ability to reach out to more conventions – outside spenders not Wichitans –  outside dollars," he said of the possible hotel.

Other residents had issues with public transportation. One citizen stated that he felt the buses did not run long enough into the evening which is inconvenient for people like him that have disabilities.

The Director of Transportation John Burrus said they are looking into being more accommodating to those who only depend on public transit, but changes will ultimately come down to finances.

"We've got to find the money to do it we also have got to find out what fairs we'll charge. I would think probably in about the next four to five weeks we should have something public on it coming in," the Director stated.

The town hall comes during an election season where Mayor Santellana is running for reelection. He faces Lowry Crane, a native to Wichita Falls and US Air Force Veteran. The election takes place November 6.

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