Victims’ families react to Lott verdict

Victims’ families react to Lott verdict

FORT WORTH, TX (RNN Texoma) - Kody Lott was found guilty by a Fort Worth jury for the murder of Lauren Landavazo and aggravated assault of Makayla Smith Wednesday.

The parents of the two victims said they have been waiting for justice for two years.

"For the day that the person who did this to our daughter, who did this to Makayla, who took the innocence away from so many children that day, and just impacted not just our family but this entire community, that that person would finally face justice," said Vern Landavazo.

Rodney Smith said while this does not bring Lauren back or change the impact it has had on his daughter Makayla and those affected, it does give them a sense of peace in knowing that justice was served.

"To see justice for Lauren and for Makayla, just to know that it's here now and after tomorrow we can finally be on the road to true healing," said Shamekia Smith.

A road these families will be on together.

The Landavazos and Smiths exchanged hugs, tears and these words after Lott found out his fate.

"I wanted her to know that that day, even though I was praying with all my heart for my daughter, I was also praying for her daughter," said Vern. "And how happy I was that Makayla was able to pull through and make it."

Vern said he also told them how much of a hero Makayla is to them and how brave she is.

"We didn't realize how truly strong she was until the day she testified," said Shamekia.

Holding back tears Vern talked about how this tragedy shows just what amazing gift children are.

"How they should never be taken for granted, and we should always realize you're never going to get anything in life more precious, more meaningful than to be able to be called mommy or daddy," he said.

Thursday at 9 a.m. the jury, judge, defense and prosecution will be back in the courtroom for the punishment phase.

Impact statements from witnesses and family members of the victims are expected.

The jury will then deliberate and recommend a sentence for Kody Lott.

Lott faces anywhere between two to 20 years for the aggravated assault of Makayla Smith and anywhere from 20 to 99 to life for the murder of Lauren Landavazo.

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