Bows help WFISD teacher tie strong relationships with students

Bows help WFISD teacher tie strong relationships with students

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Two weeks ago a group of girls at Crockett Elementary School had no idea what Mrs. Jayme Beckham, their 5th grade teacher had in store for them.

Wfisd teacher gives back

“I thought we were going to get in trouble because she said we were going to get in trouble,” said Annalisa Salinas, a 5th grade student.

However, all of it was part of a special surprise.

“I told them you know I just didn’t feel like we were bonding very well. I didn’t feel like we had a good relationship and I wanted them to understand that I was there for them, so I kind of made it seem like they were getting in trouble,” said Beckham. “Then I pulled it out and I said so we are going to be connected now by bows.”

"We were like oh man we are going to be part of the Beckham clan," said Emma Fritzsch, a 5th grade student. "So we were super excited."

After taking part in a teacher training this summer, Beckham made it her mission to build strong relationships with her students.

“I’m just trying this year to reach them on a deeper level instead of just of, oh she’s a cool teacher,” said Beckham. “I want them to have someone that loves them.”

Through fashion, she’s doing just that.

“When I saw on the Jane app that bows were on sale I thought that it would be a really fun idea,” said Beckham. “Just as a symbol, hey this woman is bonding us just with a simple bow.”

It’s a special bond that other 5th grade teachers want with their students, so several jumped on board.

“Teaching is all about beg, borrowing and stealing, so when you see something that’s working for another teacher you join in for the benefit of your kids,” said Mariah Sutherland, a 5th grade teacher at Crockett Elementary.

Instead of royal blue, her class decided on teal bows. Many might now be asking, what about the boys? Beckham said she has a different idea for them.

“Bow ties [are] what they voted on so I’ve been looking in Amazon and the Jane app to find inexpensive bow ties that kind of match our color, so they will feel a part of the clan also,” said Beckham.

The group of teachers would appreciate some help with the bow ties. If you have any royal blue, teal, or sky blue bow ties that you would like to donate, you can do so by dropping them off at Crockett Elementary. Monetary donation are also being accepted.

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