Storms affecting Texoma ranchers along Red River


WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - The Fall storms may be helping with drought conditions but some ranchers said has caused them problems.

Dellby Darr, a rancher for more than 50 years, said it caused him to delay planting his wheat crops for grazing.

“It stopped any sort of field work, right now, when we need to be in the field doing work," Darr said. "It has caused some damage to the water ways and terraces. We’ve just went through a big rain event and now they’re talking about a big rain this weekend. We’re probably out of the field here for 10 days, two weeks, when we need to be working.”

Darr said he moved his cattle to higher ground just in case water levels got too high.

“They’re smart enough when they see water coming up they’ll move to higher ground," Darr said. "Except in cases when the river jumps bank very quickly and then they could get washed away.”

He said the rain brought out more flies to irritate his cattle. The flies swarm on his cattle’s back and suck their blood. The cattle become exhausted from swatting the flies.

The barb wired fences along water gaps were knocked down from the flooding. Darr said he was glad he already moved his cattle to another pasture and the fences are far from the highway.

He said he has to make some maintenance work to rebuild any knocked fences because his cattle may wander off into highways and run into traffic.

“The cattle can be worth thousand dollars plus or minus," Darr said. "The danger of course is somebody would get hurt in a car in a vehicle.”

Texas A&M Ag Extension Agent experts said the wet conditions could lead to more feral hogs as they typically breed in wetter climates.

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