‘This is disgusting’: Mold takes over student dorms

‘This is disgusting’: Mold takes over student dorms
Students at a New York university say the fungus is ruining their clothes and sending them to the hospital. (Source: WPIX/CNN)

OLD WESTBURY, NY (WPIX/CNN) - Going to college is challenging enough without having to deal with a moldy mess in your dorm.

‘This is disgusting’: Mold takes over student dorms

Some students at SUNY Old Westbury on Long Island are living on campus with mold. The mold outbreak is ruining their clothes and affecting their health.

Mold took over Alan McDonald’s room last month.

"My shoes. I don't know what type of fabric this is, but there's mold growing on it,” said McDonald, a student at the school. “These hats, we wear these on our heads and we didn't even know there was mold on it. This is disgusting.”

He's studying criminal justice, but he hasn't been too focused lately.

"My actual mattress had mold on it,” McDonald said. “I was sleeping with mold on it. I was getting rashes, sick, I couldn't breathe. I would wake up with massive headaches."

“I went to the doctor (and) they told me these are symptoms of being exposed to mold and my asthma came back.”

McDonald isn’t the only student at the Woodlands Residence Halls with the mold problem. Other students shared photos showing their rashes and damaged clothes.

"We should be safe and healthy where we stay," McDonald said.

A school spokesperson blamed the mold outbreak on recent rain.

"Every time we learn of an incident, it’s cleaned,” said Michael Kinane of SUNY.

“It’s repainted with inhibiting products that inhibit the growth of anything and we keep asking our students, ‘keep us apprised. If you see something tell us.’ We’re doing the best we can given the circumstances Mother Nature has handed us."

Local media also uncovered mold problems at William Paterson University in New Jersey.

Students at both schools said more should be done to keep them safe.

"Anything in this room is starting to grow mold all over it," McDonald said.

School staff said they are moving some students to other rooms.

They are looking into whether the school will reimburse students for damaged clothes.

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