League of Women Voters WF candidate forum day 2

Updated: Oct. 16, 2018 at 11:09 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Day two of the League of Women Voters candidate forums in Wichita Falls was held Tuesday.

It gave six candidates a chance to show voters why they should be their choice come election day.

Two of them are opponents in the U.S. Representative District 13 race, Democrat Greg Sagan and Libertarian Calvin DeWeese.

Those with the League of Women Voters said Congressman Mac Thornberry was unable to make it.

Sagan and DeWeese took on questions like what issues they feel are most pressing when congress convenes in January.

Sagan said a big one is health care.

“People notice that their health care cost are rising faster than their incomes, and this is beginning to overtake middle-class and upper middle-class family’s today,” said Sagan.

Second on his list is immigration.

“We don't know what we're doing about immigration, but we know what we're doing is ineffective,” said Sagan. “Building a wall to keep people from Mexico from coming up across our border is an absolutely silly idea.”

DeWeese said focusing on a number of laws passed in the last 20 years that significantly infringe on the rules established in the bill of rights is his primary objective.

“To restore those rights and those securities that we should have on our own property and our own persons, that to me is the biggest threat,” said DeWeese.

Four Wichita Falls ISD school board candidates also came out.

Incumbent Adam Groves and his opponent for the District 3 seat Mark Lukert were asked with WFISD spending resources on maintaining older buildings, what do they think it will take to convince voters to support a bond to address infrastructure problems.

“We need to see data we need to see numbers that the city could look at and understand if we have these facilities and we continue to operate the way that we are we are going to go bust,” said Groves.

Groves adds they need to find a way to get the community behind a bond.

Lukert said he agrees about getting a bond passed. To do it, he suggests getting as many people in the schools to see what they look like.

“Our facilities are in bad shape," said Lukert. "I think if people could actually see it, they don’t have to see all the data that goes along with it, they can see we need a bond to pass,” said Lukert.

While the women campaigning for the board’s At Large 4 Year term told voters their thoughts on how to make sure the district is challenging the brightest students in all areas.

Elizabeth Yeager said she thinks it is important to identify gifted students early on.

“So that by the time they hit middle school we know who they are, their teachers know who they are and directing them into those advanced academic classes,” said Yeager.

She said that way they can continue to be successful.

Grisel said they need to trust the teachers and reach out to them for input because they are the ones in the classroom.

“Allow them to do the things that they’ve been trained to do, and allow them to come up with some solutions,” said Grisel. “They’re the ones doing this, I’m not signing up to be a teacher, and I trust our teachers, that they have great ideas."

Since the league of women voters is a nonpartisan organization when they have forums they must present both sides, adm because District 30 Texas House Representative Pat Fallon was not able to make it, Kevin Lopez was not able to participate in the forum.

However, Lopez did come out and talked with voters after it wrapped up.

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