Some ‘Vote No’ supporters back WF candidates

Updated: Oct. 23, 2018 at 7:05 PM CDT
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Some volunteers with the ‘Vote No’ bond election group are supporting two Wichita Falls candidates this upcoming election.

“These two candidates believe in many of the same things that the ‘No Campaign’ was for and that we are against,” said Ed Stein.

Stein lead the charge with the Wichita Falls Tea Party to convince voters to say no to all seven propositions during May's bond election.

Now he is volunteering his time to help Lowry Crane win the mayoral race.

He said like him, many of those same supporters are behind Crane and Councilor District 5 Candidate Steve Jackson.

The reason Stein said these candidates do not want to raise taxes or add to the city's debt.

“I'm speaking for Lowrey Crane and that he believes that we are indeed taxed enough already,” said Stein.

Jackson said he can not afford higher taxes and stand for those people who are in the same boat.

Stein feels mayor Stephen Santellana helped write the bonds that were defeated in the May elections.

Stein said those bonds would have raised Wichita Falls City taxes and doubled the city's debt.

Santellana said once voters look at the facts and the truth they see that he aligns with their views.

He went on to say most citizens do not want more taxes. They want to watch how taxpayer money is spent, and they want a conservative approach to spending.

Stein feels those ‘Vote No’ supporters are going to come out again for Crane and Jackson.

“It makes me feel good because I was a big advocate in the ‘Vote No’,” said Jackson.

Mayor Santellana said several “Vote No” supporters said they are voting for him this election.

Back in May the Texans for Freedom, a group out of Arlington, got involved in the bond election.

Stein said that is not the case this election.

He said funds and volunteers for Cranes campaign are all local, however Crane’s campaign manager is from the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

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