City, couple at odds after sewage backs up into home

City, couple at odds after sewage backs up into home

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - A Henrietta couple filed a claim with the city’s insurance company Wednesday morning after their home was flooded by sewage earlier this month.

“There was sewage throughout most of the house," Bob Burt, who lives in the home with Jena Smithson said. "It’s obvious it’s from a city sewer break which was evident in front of the house.” Smithson is the homeowner and Burt’s fiance'. Both of them are 73.

The couple find the mess when they returned from their high school reunion in Wichita Falls on Sunday, October 7.

“I was shocked, absolutely aghast ed," Burt said.

Sewage came through the toilet and bathtub which flooded the home with two inches of it. Burt said the smell was unbearable.

Majority of the floors inside the home were damaged so was the couple’s bed which they threw out.

The couple used rain boots to walk in their home and had to shovel the sewage out.

“It’s nauseating," Burt said. "It’s absolutely nauseating.”

Burt said they tried to save as many important documents as they could first then filed a claim with Smithson’s insurance company but did not receive any help.

He said almost two weeks later they went to city officials for help.

Newschannel 6 spoke with Henrietta city officials who said they gave the couple the paperwork to file for an insurance claim.

“You would think communities would come together and help people in time of need like a flood or fire," Burt said. “This is just as devastating, especially since she’s been alone and will be alone a lot. Oh, I think it’s elder abuse. When somebody could help, but doesn’t I really think it’s elder abuse.”

Burt said if the city does not respond quickly to help, then he will consider filing a lawsuit.

The couple is now living in another house as they continue the cleanup.

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