Senator Ted Cruz makes final stop in Wichita Falls

Senator Ted Cruz makes final stop in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - During Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s speech to an audience that filled Akin Auditorium at MSU Thursday, he took a firm stance against the policies of his opponent Democratic Representative Beto O’Rourke.

Senator Cruz, unlike Representative O’Rourke, does not support the Affordable Care Act, and he is in support of a border wall.

During his speech he also made an effort to appeal to young voters.

He said to the crowd, “Take a look around at all the young people. By the way, the press is trying to tell us that young people are all socialists, but that ain’t true in the great state of Texas.”

Although the auditorium was full of young supporters, there were a few MSU students outside protesting.

They feel Senator Cruz does not have policies that will appeal to minorities.

Treasurer of MSU PRIDE Zaquera Wallace said, “I do not believe that Ted Cruz is the poster child for diversity. He is the exact opposite.”

It was not just the younger crowd that voiced their thoughts on Senator Cruz.

Jim Richardson is a veteran and survived cancer after battling it in 2013. He is supporting Senator Cruz because he believes the congressman cares about veterans' health from a personal experience.

Richardson recalls, “I used everything I had in 401k…I exhausted everything that I had. I reached out to him once the hospital told me I had service connected to disability. Senator Cruz’s office helped me get my records. They helped me get my disability rating.”

Cruz also showed his support for those who work in the oil industry.

He reported to the crowd of over 500 people, “Right now in the state of Texas, we’re producing 33% more oil than we produced in 2016.”

For an undecided voter like Nicole Rhodes, that support is important. She said, “I grew up with a family that worked in the oil field. Oil and energy has always been really important to make sure there are jobs for people that are like my dad. I want to see what's the best for Texas. That is different for everybody. But I wanted to come kind of figure out what I felt was best for Texas.

Election day is November 6. For more information on polling dates and times check News Channel 6’s Election Day page.

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