Rider and Old High set aside rivalry to honor the loss of Yajaira Garcia

Rider and Old High set aside rivalry to honor the loss of Yajaira Garcia

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - A somber stillness fell over Memorial Stadium during a moment of silence at one of the biggest high school football games of the year – the rivalry game between Rider and Old High. They did it to honor the loss of a girl known for her smile – Yajaira Garcia.

Garcia was a former soccer player for Old High who stopped her athletic career to concentrate on her academics.

Last week – on the same day she was scheduled to take her SAT's – the 17-year-old was shot and killed.

Now the student councils of both Old High and Rider are coming together to collect money for a college scholarship that the Garcia Family hopes to give to another student in her honor.

Wichita Falls High School Student Body President Ryan Faulkner said, “We need to help this family because what they’re going through, it’s unimaginable. So, our primary goal is just to provide comfort with them and let them know that this community is supporting them.”

Rider High School Vice President Aaron Wheat said, “We care for them. Our hearts go out to them, and I want them to see that we really feel for their situation. We know we can never be in their shoes and we know that money doesn’t pay for it, but we know that we can try our best to help.”

As the students went through the stands collecting money in jars they were able to help the memory of Yajaira live on, even in those that may not have gotten a chance to meet her.

Wichita Falls alumnus Isaiah Anderson gave donated money for the scholarship fund.

Anderson said, “To have a child like that just gone like that – I mean you want to do anything that you can to help. That’s why we tried to help out tonight and just let them know that the Coyote family stands behind them.”

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