Eye on Health: Do you have a fever?

Eye on Health: Do you have a fever?

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Ashley Bowen from CommunityMed Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic joined Ashley Fitzwater on Tuesday for our Eye on Health segment.

Bowen went over fevers and what they mean when you have one. Fevers are not a cause for concern. Most of the time, they go away within a few days of rest. But if you have a fever you most likely have an infection and your body is trying to fight something.

When you fever climbs too high, lasts too long, or is accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, a cough with mucus or phlegm, or severe headaches, you should seek treatment, according to Bowen.

The average body temperature for babies, children and adults ranges from 98 to 99. For adults 65 and older it is usually lower than 98 degrees. When your temperature is above 103 it is too high and it is best to seek treatment.

Other things that can accompany a fever can be sweating, chills or shivering, hot or flushed skin, fatigue and weakness, loss of appetite, and dehydration. For more information about fever or treatment, you can call (940) 488-4616 or click here.

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