Woman reacts to Wichita falls apartment fire

Updated: Nov. 20, 2018 at 11:13 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - About 15 people are out of their homes Tuesday following an apartment fire at the Woodlands.

Sarah Elkins grandma lives there. She found out about the fire from a friend.

“At first I was really scared because she was not answering her phone and that's not like her,” said Sarah Elkins.

Elkins said she jumped in her car and headed to the Woodlands apartment complex to make sure her grandmother was okay.

“I thought the whole apartment complex was gone the way that it looked,” said Elkins. “They had everything blocked off you couldn’t get down the street.”

She said she parked a block away from the apartments and ran to her grandma’s.

“I didn’t slow down, I just kept going,” she said.

Her grandmother’s home was not impacted by the fire but more than a dozen others were.

Wichita Falls Assistant Fire Chief Donald Hughes said they believe the fire started in an apartment on the second floor and went up into the attic, making it difficult to find.

“This attic runs from one end to the other, there’s no fire breaks in it,” said Chief Hughes.

He said apartment fires can be tough to put out.

“They’re just tricky because they can get away from you quick,” said Chief Hughes.

He adds with the holidays right around the corner it makes situations like this even more difficult.

“It’s always a tough time, and it always seems like we have several of these around the holidays, so we try to get Red Cross in here to get assistance as quick as we can,” Chief Hughes said.

No one was injured during that fire and while Chief Hughes said it looked like most of the damage was confined to that one apartment, others could have smoke or water damage.

Burkburnett Volunteer Fire Department and Sheppard Air Force Base fire crews were also called out to the scene to help.

They are still working to find what caused the fire.

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