SAFB Airman honored for saving father, daughter from burning car

((Source: KAUZ))
Updated: Nov. 27, 2018 at 11:04 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Stephen Wolf and his daughter Alaina had no idea a trip coming home from Dallas would end up being one they will never forget.

They were driving down Highway 287 near Bowie when the unthinkable happened.

“I started coughing, and I was coughing so hard that I blacked out,” Wolf said.

That Caused him to cross over the median.

“Not a good thing when you’re driving 75 mph,” said Wolf.

Alaina, who was taking a nap at the time, woke up and grabbed the steering wheel to get them out of the way of oncoming traffic.

“Unfortunately a little bit too much of a correction, we then are now going right towards the railroad tracks,” said Wolf.

The car went off the road, flipped over on its side and caught on fire. At the same time Major Justin Warner was heading towards Dallas.

“I was the first one to see it, the closest one there,” said Major Warner. “I was able to go across the highway and get there."

Major Warner pulled Wolf out of the car and grabbed Alaina.

“He carries Alaina up the railroad tracks as my car starts to explode catching on fire,” said Wolf.

Alaina said it was comforting to have someone there for her at that time, asking her questions and making sure she was okay.

“That’s what the Air Force trains you for, to act selflessly,” said Wolf. “He did that, he risked his own life.”

For that, Major Warner was honored for his bravery with the highest non-combat award.

“I’m humbled and honored, it’s not something I ever thought about, I never even knew about the Airman’s Medal,” said Major Warner. “I didn’t expect it, didn’t think I would ever be here getting this.”

He said he was doing what he feels anyone would have done.

“I saw somebody that needed help, and I just wanted to get over there and try to help them as soon as I could,” said Major Warner.

He was presented the award by Air Force Reserve Commander Major General Craig La Fave.

“32 years in the United States Air Force and I have never given an Airman’s Medal, and I’ve never seen one given, so it’s a very prestigious award,” said Major General La Fave.

One that symbolizes a lifetime of gratitude for the Wolfs.

“I wouldn’t be here today without Justin Warner doing what he did back in January of 2018,” said Wolf.

Wolf is a retired airman who also served at Sheppard Air Force Base. He was the one who reached out to the base to let them know about Warner’s heroic actions.

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