Better Business Bureau Briefs: How to spot a Christmas spending scams

Better Business Bureau Briefs: How to spot a Christmas spending scams

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Monica Horton with the Better Business Bureau joined Jake Garcia on News Channel 6 at Noon on Monday. The weekly segment covers ways to protect consumers from scams going on across the country.

On Monday, Horton went over ways to avoid becoming the victim of different types of scams targeting holiday shoppers. Below is a look at the tips she gave during the interview. For more information, head to

Beware of Free Gift Card offers. Who doesn’t love free stuff especially around the holidays? Scammers hope to take advantage of that through phishing emails and pop-up ads offering gift cards. If you come across one of these offers:

* Do not open the email as it can be a phishing attempt but, if you do, don't click the links. Instead, mark the email as SPAM or JUNK;

* Do not share any personal information to receive the card as the scammers will use the information to steal your identity later;

* Do not click the ad but close out of the app or program you are using, clear your history and turn on your ad blocker.

Beware of Fake Shipping Notifications. Deliveries notifications can often be expected throughout the holiday season as many consumers go online to purchase gifts, but some of these announcements may be phishing scams.

These false notification emails often use a legitimate businesses name and logo to trick you into opening the email and allowing thieves to gain access to personal information and passwords.

Beware of Unusual Forms of Payments. When making your holiday purchases be wary of anyone asking for a strange form of payment as they often can’t be traced or undone. These may include:

* Prepaid debit or gift cards

* Wire Transfers

* Third parties

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