Co-defendant testifies in Justin Love murder trial

Co-defendant testifies in Justin Love murder trial

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Testimony in the Justin Love murder trial continued Tuesday morning at the Wichita County Court House. The day started off with co-defendant Whitney O’Brien taking the stand and telling the jury what led to death of Domanic Thrasher.

O’Brien started her testimony explaining how her boyfriend in 2015 started the drug transaction but had to leave to work, so he left his phone with her to finish the deal. O’Brien explained how initially Blayne Brooks was supposed to go with her to meet the buyer who was under "E" in her boyfriend’s contact list.

She said Justin Love didn’t think they could get the job done, so to protect his “product” he tagged along. O’Brien said it wasn’t until they saw Thrasher approaching their vehicle when they realized Thrasher was the buyer. O’Brien said she knew him from high school.

She told the jury Brooks told her and Love that Thrasher was known for stealing drugs. O’Brien said she got out of the back seat of the suburban to let Thrasher jump inside to talk to Love and Brooks about the deal.

Love displayed the marijuana and they exchanged a few words seconds before Thrasher jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run away with the marijuana without paying for it. O’Brien said she grabbed him from his shirt but eventually he took off.

At that point she said Love told Brooks to shoot Thrasher as he ran away. She explained how she heard seven gunshots and how they told her to get back inside the car and pick up the marijuana from the ground.

O’Brien told the jury how she asked to be let out of the car but they told her if she left, they would shoot her. After the jury came back from lunch, they watched security clips from Walmart that showed Blayne Brooks and O’Brien’s boyfriend buying a new phone after the shooting.

O’Brien was told a cover up story she was supposed to share with her boyfriend, which was that someone had stolen his phone during the drug transaction.

That’s why he was getting a new phone. Prosecutors asked O’Brien why she testified in Justin Love’s trial and she said this was the right thing to do and she wanted to tell the truth.

The jury will take a break from the trial on Wednesday for the funeral of a former chief investigator for the Wichita County District Attorney. Testimony will resume at the 30th District Court Thursday morning.

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