School grant helps City View launch new programs

School grant helps City View launch new programs

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Thanks to a grant from engineering company Arconic, City View ISD was able to introduce 7th grade students to robotics, and high school students to forensic science.

It is a grant that Superintendent Tony Bushong feels is opening a path for students to learn valuable skills.

Bushong said, “We're creating classes that if it just moves one student in a direction of doing something they love, that's served its purpose.”

Seventh graders are able to take the robotics class as an elective. they even get to compete at different colleges around the state of Texas.

“They are building these robots, programming them to push blocks or pick things up,” Bushong said.

It is a skill that could one day lead to a career in engineering – which would be fitting because the company who gave the grant has a City View alum who works in engineering.

As for the Forensics class, their class tests consist of students investigating real world crime scene scenarios. “I think they really enjoy getting to put in practice what they see on TV,” Bushong said.

Bushong hopes they enjoy these new classes so much that they consider pursuing them as careers. He added, “If you can just get one student to start enjoying something like that, then it’s well worth it.”

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