Burk has a new retractable speed hump

Burk has a new retractable speed hump

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - A high traffic road in Burkburnett is getting an upgrade, a new high-tech speed bump.

Burkburnett city officials and Burkburnett ISD employees worked together to get two retractable speed humps in front of the new Overton Ray Elementary School, near the new foot bridge and across the baseball field the children play in.

“We just want to make there’s an extra layer of security for those young pedestrians,” City Manager Lawrence Cutrone said.

The way the eight foot wide speed humps use solar power, the metal plates inflate using industrial rail road air bags. It is programmed to work during school hours using an ELTEC time clock, a company that specializes in the Traffic industry. The retractable speed hums were created by a different company, Traffic Speed Modulation LLC.

“The airbag inflates the center section which causes the incline in the outer two sections contained within the hump within the fixture mounted inside the pavement," Tim McElheney, owner of Traffic Speed Modulation LLC said.

The parties all met October of last year at a Texas Municipal League conference in Houston.

“ELTEC made the deal if we could beta the test their product in the city then we can get the product for free in exchange for data," Cutrone said.

Cutrone said the city of Burkburnett only had to pay for engineering and the installation, a total of $44,000. Burkburnett is the only city in the country to use this technology.

“That is pretty impressive," Cutrone said. "We’re coming up with new ideas to progress the city overall whether it’s safety, or infrastructure, products, programs, services. We’re going to everything we can here to get Burkburnett moving in a positive direction and get more residents to move here.”

It is also the only city that will be used as a beta site.

“We won’t be looking for any more test sites,” April Spears, CEO and president of ELTEC said. “We’ll start selling the systems and that would be around $20,000 or so depending on how many speed humps they need and how many systems are needed to power the speed humps.”

ELTEC plans to collect the data recorded on November on Saturday.

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