Non-profit teaches how to care for military children with exceptional needs

Non-profit teaches how to care for military children with exceptional needs

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Several Texoma educators, caregivers, and counselors attended a seminar to learn how to better help military children with exceptional needs, special needs, and gifted children, on Wednesday.

Military Child Education Coalition hosted the seminar in Wichita Falls. It is a non-profit that helps military children.

Sally Patterson, a trainer for the non-profit, said one of the biggest difficulties the children face is moving from place to place.

Sabrina Caston, who works with military children at Helen Farabee and is also a military wife, said she has experienced first hand how difficult those moves can be.

“[Many of them] move every two years," Caston. "They kind of have a negativity the new place doesn’t provide the services they need. They’re not going to make friends and if they do make friends then they’re just going to leave again.”

She said while she understands the problems she attended the seminar to help better care for the children.

Caston said the training made her aware of some new ways to connect with those she serves.

“My husband is in the Navy and obviously Sheppard is an air force base," Caston said. "We weren’t exposed to all the programs and learning about them now gives me the opportunity to pass them down to families who are in the same place we were.”

Patterson said the problems military children face are amplified if they have special needs. She said a little extra time to develop a bond can make all the difference.

“[They] can tell them what we’re doing differently here and how being a new student is just hard," Patterson said.

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