Wichita Falls ISD Title 1 showcases technology and new programs

Wichita Falls ISD Title 1 showcases technology and new programs
WFISD Title 1 Showcase

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) -Robotics, Virtual Reality, and STEM ruled the day as WFISD students from six different schools showed-off technologies and programs that are funded by Title 1. The funding is for schools where a large percentage of students recieve free/reduce lunch to have supplement learning programs. at the Career Education Center

Title 1 funds are allocated to schools where 40% of students are from low-income homes. The funds are spent implementing programs such as google expedition, robotics and Virtual Reality. Students say that it better than learning from just textbooks.

“It so much better to really see it, I know that it be really hard to for us to go to France or somewhere really exotic as a whole class so being able to see it and not just hear about it it helps me to learn and retain the information. especially when your looking at architecture,”said Raylee Darden.

Barwise 7th grade reading teachers Matthew Morkin said technology like the 3D printer in his class is only a tool.

“Technology is not the ends it the means to teaching kids in the classroom, objectives that we.”

The showcase allows parents to see how the funds are benefits their students, ask questions, give input and learn about other schools.

The key speaker Alefia Paris-Toulon, Director of Federal Programs said Title 1 requires transparency from the district and they are glad to provide it and get the parents involved.

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