Christmas presents stolen from moms car

Christmas presents stolen from moms car

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - A single mother of three is using Facebook to warn others of the importance of taking or hiding all of your belongings in your vehicle.

Her warning comes after losing close to $2,000 worth of Christmas presents.

After spending hours looking for the perfect Christmas presents, Rachael Jordan came home with her car filled with gifts for her three daughters.

"I got home Saturday night and my daughters were there so I didn't want to take the gifts in," said Jordan.

Therefore, she waited until they fell asleep to bring them inside but when she went back to her car, the back seat was empty.

"I just looked back there and was thinking did I take them," said Jordan. "I was just kind of shocked."

Close to $2,000 worth of Christmas presents and her purse were gone.

"I was so excited to get it done and then I just come back and everything is gone," said Jordan. "It's disappointing, I'm heartbroken."

Jordan said police told her a slim jim was used to unlock her vehicle.

The next morning she used Facebook to warn others.

"I was just sitting there thinking about it and I was like I'm just going to put this out there so people will be careful," said Jordan.

"Ever since then I've seen lots of post about people stealing their Christmas decorations or even their Christmas lights."

With thousands shopping for presents the Wichita Falls Police Department is reminding people of the basic crime-fighting tool that helps reduce vehicle burglaries.

Lock, Take, Hide.

“We tend to see highs and lows and we’re getting into the high in vehicles being broken into and the main reason for that is because a lot of people are out shopping for Christmas,” said Sgt. Harold McClure with WFPD.

Meanwhile, Jordan has two messages she would like to share.

One is for shoppers to not leave gifts in their cars and the other is for thieves.

"Maybe you needed it worse than we did," said Jordan. "I hope you enjoy it because it was worked hard for."

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