Vernon residents brace themselves for winter weather

Vernon residents prep for snow and ice - KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Many residents in Vernon are preparing for a wintery weekend.

It has been a busy day for Sumner Colley Lumber store.

Owner Bob Beazley says so many customers have been buying heating supplies that some of their shelves are bare.

He said, “We’ve seen as usual people buying a lot of gas fittings and lines, last minute things like that. We’ve sold out of ice melter. People are preparing you know – we don’t know what to expect.”

Brisk weather means plumbers like Ruben Garcia are sure to be out and about at people's homes. He said, “[We’ve] been insulating a lot of water lines, and we've been telling our customers to disconnect all their water lines.”

If they do not turn those lines off it could mean bad news. “When it starts warming up is when they start really thawing out and it really starts flooding their yards,” He said.

While the potentially icy weather has everyone busy making plans, the store’s bookkeeper Jerry Lou Schmoker has been busy canceling hers.

She is a part of the parade planning committee and had to relay the news to participants.

Vernon’s City Manager says they cancelled because they did not want all of those floats on potentially dangerous road ways.

“It is important to have events in our community and we really love it, but we want people to be safe,” Marty Mangum said.

He also added also that Wilbarger Emergency Management and TxDOT has been helping them track the weather and strategize how to treat the roads with salt.

He said, “Here in town we handle most of that. The way we handle that is by priorities. We’ll do the hospitals and things of that nature first, major intersections first, and we’ll treat those. Some of those have been pre-treated already just in case.”

While many might prefer bundling up by fireplace on a wintery Saturday, Beazley said he will be keeping warm in his store.

Vernon’s Christmas Parade has been postponed to next Saturday, December 15. Although they had to postpone it, committee members say they do expect to have most of the same floats and may even have more vendors than they did before.

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