WF Fire Department: Don’t run over Fire hoses

WF Fire Department: Dont run over hoses

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) -Wichita Falls fire department is speaking out about the dangers of driving over fire hoses during emergency operations. A common careless mistake like this can put firefighters' lives in great danger.

“The problem with those five inch hoses is they are such a big hose, that it’s not so much that you run over and bust them, they tend to get hung under the cars and can disconnect from the hydrant, hurt one of our guys, or pull it off the engine,”said Wichita Falls, Assistant Fire Chief, Donald Hughes.

Hughes says he’s seen first-hand the aftermath of a driver’s poor decision to run over a fire hose.

“One of the worst things that really has happened is that it can catch that large coupling underneath the car, and it jerks that hose. We had a guy, that [hose] got his ankle; that hose hit him, wrapped around the hydrant, shattered his ankle in five places,” said Hughes.

Hughes urges drivers to avoid the area if there is a fire.

“They see us working in the fire scene. It’s a dangerous area for us to work and a dangerous area for them to be driving through,”said Hughes.

If you’re caught driving over a fire hose, you could be given a traffic citation.

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