Hotter’N Hell to have new race in next year’s annual event

Hotter’N Hell to have new race in next year’s annual event

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Gravel grinding is taking off in the cycling world and Hotter’N Hell Committee members feel that by adding it to the schedule, it will attract even more cyclists to Wichita Falls' biggest event of the year!

Gravel grinding involves cycling on gravel roads. Its growing popularity is leading people like tri-athlete Vicky Boyle to get a gravel bike of her own and give it a try.

As a member of the Hotter'N Hell Steering Committee, she is also leading the team in this new venture.

Boyle said, “It's taking off all over the country. I have friends that do it and they just love it. So, I figured, why not try it too?”

With so many cyclists already coming to Wichita Falls for the annual event each year, she feels the new category of racing will be a good fit and add a new level of extreme sport.

The committee has not finalized where all the gravel roads will be, But Boyle said they are working with gravel grind enthusiasts in Wichita Falls and even in Oklahoma and the DFW area to find the best routes.

They feel Wichita Falls is the perfect place because there are already plenty of country gravel roads.

They plan to have 3 different gravel grind races, one of them being a 100k.

Hotter'N Hell Hundred's Executive Director Chip Filer says with a new race comes a new time.

“Everything in Hotter’N Hell Hundred to date starts at 7:05 in the morning. It all starts from Scott Street downtown. Well the Gravel Grind is going to start at 7:05 pm, so It’s going to be a night time or an evening ride," He said.

They hope that by making it late in the day it will attract even more people to come out.

Boyle added “It brings in a whole new crowd. We’re hoping to leave from Downtown Wichita Falls and have the energy of Downtown involved in this race…I think it’s going to be great. It’s just a new level of excitement.”

Along with the 100k Gravel Grind, there are two more races for people to participate in. One is the 25-mile Intro to Gravel race. The other is the 43-mile Party Loop race.

The committee hopes to finalize the routes by February of 2019.

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