Caring for your real Christmas tree

Caring for your real Christmas tree

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Christmas trees are an essential item this time a year and for those that bought real trees around Thanksgiving its time to do a wellness check on your tree.

Jeff from the Optimist Tree Project said many Christmas trees come from cooler climates and are shipped to Texas.

“Half of them come from northwest Oregon and Washington the Frasier Fir due to the hurricane they came from Wisconsin this year,”said Jeff,from Optimist Tree Project.

He said caring for your tree properly requires a few immediate steps.

“What we suggest is always cut one to two inches from the truck and trim branches so you can put it in the stand, immediately fill with water. room temperature water. no sugar or other concoction,”said Jeff.

Jeff says the way to keep trees fresh looking this holiday season is all about placement within the house.

“Keep it in a cool place as best you can. When you set it up try to keep it away from any heat source AC heater vents or fireplace that way it doesn’t dry out as fast," said Jeff.

Once the holiday is over Jeff recommends recycling the Christmas tree.

“If people buy trees the city has a drop off zone at Kiwanis park where they take them there they will be made into mulch and used for landscaping.”

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