WFISD students share concerns with school board members

Updated: Dec. 17, 2018 at 11:03 PM CST
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Some Wichita Falls ISD students met face to face with school board members Monday night to layout some of the issues that impact their education.

While a few of them got up and spoke, about a dozen in all showed up to show their support. Although these students go to different campuses they have the same goal, better WFISD for all.

“Our mission statement is simply this, to involve high school students in positive changes in our schools,” said Trinity Denson, Wichita Falls High School senior.

“Every student in this room and in this district deserves and equally amazing education,” Anna Grisel, Rider High School Senior told board members.

They said fixing the conditions of their campuses is a way to make that happen.

“I’ve spent 11-percent of my live in WFISD facilities, facilities that are falling apart, that have been left in neglect and disrepair for years,” said Aiden Potter Rider senior.

Potter is not alone. Grisel is also hoping to find a solution to this common complaint.

“Ultimately we are wanting new campuses, whether that's one or two,” said Grisel. “We definitely need better attention to our secondary schools.”

By coming together as one these kids hope change will occur. Denson said they need the communities support as well.

“We need more dialogue between us and the people who make the changes at our school, because it’s kind of one sided even though we are the ones who are at school experiencing it,” Denson said.

But it is not all about them. Gage Wisdom, Rider senior, said they want future students to have more opportunities than they do.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said it is a great thing to see these kids stepping up.

“Anytime we can hear from students that’s a good thing, their perspectives are so valid,” said Superintendent Kuhrt.

He adds it is not the first time these issues have been brought to the school boards attention.

“I don’t think there is anything they said that we did not know,” Superintendent Kuhrt said.

The board has been looking at facility studies, holding strategic planning groups with teachers, students and community members, all in an effort to fix some of these problems.

In order to do that the district needs more funds, and Superintendent Kuhrt said we could see a November bond next year. He said doing it this upcoming Fall will give them more time to plan and get more community input.

He adds if the district does not make some changes soon in 20 years it could be crumbling.

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