Wichita Falls after-hour bus route officially approved by City Council

Wichita Falls after-hour bus route officially approved by City Council
City coucil approves after hour bus route

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Workers Service Corporation is a non-profit agency that employees and trains people with disabilities helping them become more independent. The President David Toogood, is feeling too good about City Council agreeing to help fund the new after-hours transit route.

“This is really exciting for us, about a year and a half ago we asked all our employees how we could make their work environment better,” said Toogood.

Toogood said after meeting with 90% of his employees which took him about 13 meetings ,not having reliable transportation is the one thing that keep coming up.

“To hear the city coming thru and putting this program together I think its going to be a great thing for our employees, it will prevent them from having to walk home at two o' clock or when its raining or riding a bicycle,”said Toogood.

Though the agreement is just a trial period Toogood is expecting it to last longer once employees are using it.

“The trial period is important, sometimes when you keep hearing over and over that people need this it may be the same five people that need it, when turns it may not be that important to a large group of people but I think what were going to find out once it starts out, it were going to get a lot of people using the service,” said Toogood.

City Council approved $17,537 for the after-hour program with WSC. Toogood said they will be also being chipping in as well.

“We are contributing, we are making periodic payments to the city, they are matching the funds but for the employees its going to be a free service for them,”said Toogood.

The route is set to begin on January 7th.

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