McNiel Career Fair helps 8th graders explore their options

McNiel Career Fair helps 8th graders explore their options

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - McNiel Middle School students are exploring different career options.

376 8th grade students completed a survey created by the technology teacher that broke career fields into four categories, and students chose one job from each of the career path of business industry, STEM, arts and humanities and public service.

“What filled up fastest was music minster, computer programmer and then engineer.” said Mrs. Reames, technology teacher.

Teacher Courtney Reames had students choose one career from each category so that they had to learn about a total of four different careers, and it was extremely important to her that kids learn about trade skills.

" I think that all of these careers that are hands-on, like welding and electricians, getting our kids this information is so important now as they are starting to pick their careers. Maybe college isn’t the right path for them. They may go do something immediately out of high that could offer them potential for a job."

The director of the WFISD Career Education Center says Health Sciences is the most popular path for high school students right now with engineering and welding close behind.

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