Cowboys wrangle up some Christmas magic at Faith Mission

Cowboys wrangle up some Christmas magic at Faith Mission
Cowboy Church hold service at Faith Mission.


Cowboy Church spend Christmas the community

Faith Mission partnered with the Cowboy church holding a Christmas day event. Both Faith Mission, Faith Refuge and anybody that walk in got to take part in this first ever Christmas celebration.

Christmas this year started out foggy and dreary but was brighten with smiles both joyful and cheery. The good folks at Faith Mission were filled with ambition. They invited everyone both big in small and fed 3 rounds of meals to people flowing into the hall.

“They have transported the women from the Refuge, provide the meal, their having service right now and there will be games later,” said Chief of Operations, Diane Seigler.

For the first time ever the Cowboy Church lead this endeavor, proving food, fellowship and entertainment.

“We just wanted to share with the community and share with the people this Christmas day. This is the first time this has been done. This has been a great turn out.This is going to be a great celebration this has been done. We are so excited to be apart of this. On the day of his birth and we get to minister to people, pray for the people one on one,” Evangelist, Cowboy Church.

Dan Dilks, Evangelist of Cowboy Church was there to remind people of the reason for the season.

“It’s been a privilege for me and my whole family and to share Christmas with the community and with other people because its not about us its about everybody else.” said Dilks.

His message today about unity and spreading love in the community.

“Quit worrying about ourselves, and the gifts that we get ,and being comfortable in our homes but to go out into the community and be a blessing,” said Dilks.

Faith Refuge and Faith Mission served about 120 people Christmas day with the help of the Cowboy church.

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