Storm damages homes in Texoma

Storm damages homes in Texoma
Several Texoma homes were damaged in Wednesday's storm. (Source: Jesse Canales)

WICHITA FALLS, TX (RNN Texoma) - Several Wichita Falls homes were damaged after Wednesday’s storm which had wind speeds of 60mph and heavy rain.

Storms cause damage across Texoma

“You just hear like a big train going through, WOOOHHHH," Charles Simons who lives on the 300 block of Westside Drive said. “I got my wife and said we got to get into the hall. We’re having a tornado.”

Simons said he and his wife then heard a bang at their backdoor. When he went to look to see what happened, he said debris created a hole in on his door. He said he then took a peak through the hole and felt a bang himself.

“[A large piece of wood] hit me right here across the mouth and knocked out my tooth.” Simons said. “I wanted to say a four letter word."

He said he felt the storm would never end.

“It lasted what felt like hours but really it was like 15 minutes when it was blowing,” Simons said. “Finally it stopped, that’s when I went outside to see the damage. Honey look, the windshield busted, the hood caved in, side mirror on the passenger side gone."

He said he then looked at his two trucks which were also damaged.

“God no!" Simons said. "[Debris] caught the window on the driver’s side and it took the review mirror off. Then, my wife said look at the truck over here.”

His other truck was also damaged from his neighbor’s roof shingles.

There was also debris scattered across his backyard which he said was from his neighbor’s shed.

Simons said despite the damage he was glad he and his wife were okay.

“We gathered round and said some prayers,” he said. “Asked the Lord for help and he was there to help us.”

Simons said he only one of his cars is able to drive so he and his wife will carpool until the other two are repaired.

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