Eastside residents plagued with flooding year after year

Eastside residents plagued with flooding year after year
Eastside streets closed from flooding.


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The severe weather from earlier this week is still wreaking havoc in Wichita Falls and Eastside residents are fed-up.

Rising water has left some Wichita Falls residents trying to figure out what happened to their streets overnight and when the flooding will end.

“When I came to work to see all of the flood water I know that we had some rain over the last few days but I did know to this magnitude,” said Jw Harris, Director of the YMCA East Branch.

Many angry residences say they are sick of the flooding and wish the city would do something about it. One business owner said the last time he’s seen flooding like today was in 2007.

“The water was about this high, we are scared, all of the roads are blocked and this is hurting our business,”said store owner Sean pang.

Pang says last time the Eastside flooded they lost everything in their store so he and his wife are hoping for an update from the city.

“The water comes and we don’t know where it comes from and if we have to evacuate we want to know it ASAP.”

City council representative DeAndra Chenault had this to say

“It’s not my first rodeo, we’ve had floods in 2015. Something needs to be done. I’ve called the street department about the flooding. I’ve texted the city manager. I’ve asked the mayor to come out.”

A couple of employees from the Wichita Falls Street department said the Eastside is the lowest part of the city geographically and that’s why it collects the most flood water but they tell me they are currently working on water removal but it takes time.

The family trapped in their home on the Eastside remain calm as the rest of the city is reaching their boiling point.

Stick with news channel 6 as this story develops. The good news is the Wichita river has crested at just over 18 feet which is flood stage.. it now on it’s way down and water should begin to recede.

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