Archer Co. commissioners considering new disaster declaration

Archer Co. commissioners considering new disaster declaration
Archer County Randall Jackson said county commissioners are waiting to see if they should apply for another disaster declaration. (Source: Jesse Canales)

ARCHER COUNTY, TX (TNN) - The Archer County Judge said commissioners will wait to see if the Texas Governor’s Office approves an extension for a disaster declaration issued in the Fall. If not, Judge Randall Jackson said they will apply for a new one.

Winter storms damage roads, bridges

Judge Jackson said if it is extended then it would speed up the process to receive aid after the December 26 storm damaged more than 200 miles of county roads and bridges. He said it would cost an estimated $1 million to pay for the repairs. The first disaster declaration was issued after storms in September and October, those storms caused an estimated $250,000 worth of damage.

“People who live in these remote areas are having a hard time getting to and from their homes and businesses," Judge Jackson said.

He said if it is extended then it would help speed up the process because another disaster declaration would mean more time spent to reassess the destruction. Judge Jackson said it took four months to assess the damage the storms in the Fall caused.

Judge Jackson said another concern he has is if the county receives two more inches of rain before the repairs are finished.

“If it hits in the wrong spot, then we’ll have swollen rivers again, the lakes will overflow, the spillways are going over," he said. "So, it depends where it happens. We’re not in a growing season yet so the ground can’t absorb anything, the trees aren’t bloom. There’s a lot factors working against us.”

He said he expects it take at least another two weeks to learn whether or not the disaster declaration will be extended.

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