Bovine Burglar: Cow eats store’s plants

Bovine Burglar: Cow eats store’s plants
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WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Moo've over Clyde, this Bonnie is stealing the show – and the cabbage – all by herself.

Bovine Burglar: Cow eats store’s plants

For the last few nights Smith’s Gardentown employees suspected something had been getting into their plants. They investigated and looked at their security cameras. It was safe to say they had a cow.

Manager Michael Fiore said, “Last night she came up on the front porch of the building right by the front door and was pulling plants out of our pots right by the front door.”

Fiore said as far as breaking and entering go, this cow is marvelous in her field.

“She's been relentless because every time that we patch the fence she finds another way through. she really, really likes to hang out here.”

She is stealthy and only shows up at night after everyone has gone home, but after grazing she does tend to leave behind a trail of crumbs. “When we would come in the morning, we would see a cow pie here or there, or some tracks. It was just kind of funny,” Fiore remembers.

Employees have not cow-culated the amount of damages she has costs them just yet and are still deciding if she is a friend or a foe.

Fiori stated, “A lot of the employees want to keep her around, you know, kind of as a mascot. They think it’s funny that she comes around at night and causes trouble, but not a lot of trouble. Our guy that’s been trying to fix the fence, he’s not a fan of the cow because she keeps breaking the fence. So, there’s a little bit of debate going on among the employees about it.”

They are trying to come up with nicknames for the cow, who they also suspect might be pregnant. So far on their list of names they have “The Vampire Cow” (because she comes out at night, and “The Ninja Cow”.

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