Pothole safety and solutions

Pothole safety and solutions

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) -Potholes are a common problem after roads get wet, and the temperatures changes. Officials say they the have the funds and are already working on improvements.

Pothole safety

City officials say they are working daily on potholes that pop-up more in during winter months as the temperature changes and precipitation increases.

“What we try to do is have a street maintenance crew out to try to prolong the life of the street but a because a pothole is a more immediate problem, its more hazardous. We have two potholes crews that work 40 hours a week and go to those spots where potholes are reported an repair the potholes," said Teresa Rose, of Public Works.

Discount Tire Manager Walter McCarley said the most common types of damage he sees from potholes are in tires.

“It affects the wheels and tires. What happens is when a tire takes an impact like that and if it hits hard enough it can damage the wheel, which in turn, 90 percent time, it creases or creates damage which results in a blowout or bubble on the tire..”

McCarley also suggest you keep your eyes open when on the roads for all types of road hazards including potholes.

“A lot of times you can see some of these potholes way in advance, try to straddle it or if your going to hit it, hit it instead of trying to swerve and miss it which catches the edge of the wheel,” said McCarley.

If you hit a pothole and suspect their may be some damage here are a couple things to look for.

" Vibration occur and you can start seeing a bubble on your tire, if you hit something like that the best thing is to have somebody check it out,"said McCarley.

McCarley says drivers should slow down before going over potholes, never break directly on top of a pothole and make sure that tires are properly inflated .City officials say that if you see a pothole report it to them by calling 761-7970 or going online to the city department website.

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