Cedar pollens back with a vengeance

Mountain Cedar hits a season high

Cedar pollens back with a vengeance

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) -If all of a sudden your nose is running, eyes are watering and maybe there itchy too you could be suffering from Cedar Pollen allergies. While we mainly see an influx of allergy in the spring December-January is when Cedar Pollen strikes.

So where is this notorious cedar tree that is attacking the sinus of hundreds of people here in North Texas? Dr Jed Grisel, an ear, throat, and nose specialist said t comes from the Ashe Juniper trees.

“The pollen is actually created from the tree itself and it releases pollen during fertilization which happens in the winter,”Dr. Grisel said.

Most of these tree are located in Oklahoma and winds brings the pollen this way. Dr. Griesl said this year he is seeing more patients coming in with allergy issues.

" This is a particularly bad year for mountain cedar its been really bad. It has to do with the way the tree blooms,weather we are getting moisture, the air-flow patterns and a lot of bad things that can work together to help decide if pollen season is going to be bad this year and for whatever reason they have all came together and its really bad this year," Dr. Grisel said.

I asked the doctor what exactly is Cedar Fever and is it the same thing?

“So its really not a fever that your getting its just like any other allergy it causes sneezing, congestion, feeling bad, nasal drainage those sort of things,”said Dr. Grisel

The doctor said start with the basics to relieve symptoms.

“Change you clothes immediately when you come in that will help reduce the allergen load, salt rinse after you been outside water kits over the counter nasal rinse kits and medicine is the next step antihistamine, steroid nasal sprays are usually the things that can get people through this winter season,”said Grisel.

Dr. Grisel says Cedar allergies should go away when it starts to warm up but if they do not then it might be time to see a specialist.

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