Community, cultural events bring over $3 million to WF in 2018

Community, cultural events bring over $3 million to WF in 2018

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Officials with Downtown Wichita Falls Development are celebrating after bringing in over $3 million through community and cultural events.

“2018 was tremendous,” said Jana Schmader, with Downtown Wichita Falls Development. "We were able to complete a bunch of projects that we wanted to, and we were able to start new events. "

All of this was in hopes to improve downtown Wichita Falls.

Last year the Farmers Market got an upgrade.

“We didn’t have WiFi in the market so we said 'you know this day and age we need to be able to provide that so they can take card payments and make things a lot easier,” said Schmader.

A large fan was also installed in the Farmers Market to keep people cool during the summer.

Shmader said thanks to many community and cultural events, they were able to bring in $3 million, which she said goes right back to helping improve downtown.

“So throughout the years we are able to buy property, rehab it and turn it back into the private market,” said Schmader.

New works of art also popped up around downtown last year with the help of local businesses.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development kicked off their art crosswalk project and completed one intersection in 2018, with five more to go.

Plus, in support of a more bike friendly community, three bike racks made by The Burn Shop were installed, with more to come this year.

“We’re super excited about our involvement with downtown and where downtown is headed,” said Keith Wineinger, the owner of the Burn Shop.

Wineinger said he is always willing to help when it comes to improving downtown.

“It wasn’t very long ago when you could go to downtown and it was literally a ghost town,” said Wineinger. “There was nothing going on down there and to see the stuff that’s going on there now it’s exciting. To know it’s only going to get better is extremely exciting.”

Two new bus stops in downtown were also added last year.

With so much success in 2018, Schmader said their traditional events and projects will continue.

“We have a few things in the works that will be coming about, but 2019 will be just as exciting as 2018 if not more.” said Schmader.

With the start of a new year, Downtown Wichita Falls Development is looking for members who want to help them make an even bigger difference this year.

To become a member, click here.

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