Gov’t shutdown affecting Bowie family

Gov’t shutdown affecting Bowie family

BOWIE, TX (TNN) - As the government shutdown entered day 21, on Friday, News Channel 6 spoke with a Bowie woman who said the government shutdown continues to affect her family. It is now the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

Tammie Rohde, 59, said she her husband and her granddaughter,8, want the government shutdown to end so her husband can get back to work.

Rohde’s husband works as a flight simulator engineer in Oklahoma City for a company contracted by Federal Aviation Administration.

“Because the agency that is responsible for his contract, the FAA, is affected, he’s not working, they’re not working” Rohde said. “Every decision that we have made for over a year now has revolved around anticipating this and it has happened.”

She said her husband is guaranteed to work until mid-February, from then on, they have to wait and see. Unlike Federal employees, she said he will not receive any back pay when the shutdown ends.

“I know that it is taking a hit on my health,” Rohde said. “It is hard to sleep at night, constant thoughts of ‘the wall.’ It just is infuriating.”

She said, while they are now insured under her husband’s employer, the major concern is what happens if he has to find a new job and a new provider because of her pre-existing condition. In 2009, doctors discovered a cancerous lump in her thyroid.

“Fortunately for me, it was totally encapsulated," Rohde said. "There were no further ramifications other than I no longer had a thyroid so I have to remain on thyroid medication.”

Rohde said the money she inherited from her mother will help them weather the storm but the hurricane in the nation’s capital needs to calm.

“There has to be a way for them to work out their petty dispute and give people back their lives.”

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