Chilly temps and outdoor hobbies

Chilly temps and outdoor hobbies

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Cold temperatures aren’t slowing down Texomans who were spotted all over Wichita Falls enjoying the day.

As we start to get into the winter months we are seeing more chilly days but that’s not stopping some residents from enjoying doing what they love outdoors.

Kylee Colvin loves animals and when asked by her Sunday school today if she like to feed the ducks on Midwestern State University Campus she jumped at the chance.

“I am out here feeding the ducks its really nice but its really cold out here I have some duck feed for them and i’m just having a great time.”>

While others prefer to stay inside unless they have to work or for some other thing that absolutely must do. Disc golf winner Derek Dimond says bring on the cold.

“We were just out here play Disc Golf in weekly mini out here in the cold weather, making the most of it.” Dimond said.

Dimond has been playing for over a decade and is part of the Wichita Falls Disc golf club. He loves the sport and will play as often as he can, no matter the weather.

“Rain, snow the more wind the better.” said Dimond.

For these two fulfilling their passion is enough to keep them warm on these cold winter days.

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