Family fears losing income as the shutdown continues

Shutdown impacts families

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - As the government shutdown drags on a Wichita Falls woman is hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Right now only one branch of the nation’s armed forces are being impacted by the shutdown, but one military wife says she’s on edge, her family has experienced delayed payments in the past when the government shutdown, she says it taught her a lot on how to handle it.

The partial government shutdown now in its 26th day is causing tensions to rise as people that have not been affected start to get worried it may be on the way.

“It's scary it is really scary hopefully it does not go too much longer where people are not getting their checks.” said a Henderson, Military wife, and mother.

Katreeca Henderson’s husband has been in the military for the past 11 years, and they have four children. She admits to feeling nervous the more days past without a solution. She recalled her experience.

“The first day he didn’t get paid we were freaking out, we got bills to pay, so that wasn’t fun but lucky we were here with family members that could help out and get us through it,” said Henderson.

Steve Garrison, a political science Professor at Midwestern State University, said the solution is complicated.

“I really don’t see a way to end it. I don’t know if this is a prediction, but the most likely occurrence is that republicans members of Congress may feel reelection pressure. Ultimately as this drags on the blame the Republicans will have to face will make members of Congress feel it and want to do something,” said Professor Garrison.

He also adds the longer the government is shutdown, the more dangerous the world we will in becomes.

“It's going to hurt people, I assume at some point they may look for other jobs, we are going to start facing public health issues, public safety issues, things like air traffic controllers and that’s a pretty crucial and important function and as a parent if you cannot care for your kids its a problem,”said Professor Garrison.

This is now the longest government shutdown in US history. One branch of service members, the Coast Guard, missed paychecks this week.

“I hope it doesn’t come to that because this is peoples lives, people have kids, people have bills, this is their livelihoods,” said Henderson.

Henderson says that having gone through this before they know who they can turn to for help, the Military one source program was a great resource to her family, that, and keeping a positive attitude.

Professor Garrison says that there is a way Congress can use their veto power to reopen the government. While he does not think it’s on the table just yet, it is an option.

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