Parks and Wildlife warn zebra mussels could return

Parks and Wildlife warn possible zebra mussel return without caution

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Recent warmer temperatures have fishermen back on the waters with something dangerous lurking underneath.

“It’d be a really bad thing if we were to get zebra mussels so we want people to be diligent and not move zebra mussels from one lake to the next,” fisheries management supervisor Tom Lang said.

The invasive species spread into lakes and spawns more and more, threatening the fish and the people living near the water.

“Whether you fish or don’t fish, if zebra mussels get in our lakes that’s gonna impact you and we don’t wanna see that happen.”

The lakes connected to water pipes become at risk of being clogged by mussels that can increase your water bills and costs money to fix them.

Prevention is possible if you follow the law.

“You hear some folks say, ‘well they’re gonna get everywhere anyway’ and that’s not the case," Lang said. “They move downstream, so if they’re in an above stream reservoir we expect them to move downstream but other than that they just move from people.”

Preventing the spread is pretty simple, if you take your boat from one lake to another, clean and empty all water from your boat so that the mussels don’t spread.

“Those are the things we all want to make sure we preserve, those good times, and these suckers aren’t out there to let us have a good time,” Lang said.

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