WF city leaders narrow down 2019 strategic plan

WF city leaders narrow down 2019 strategic plan

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) -City officials in Wichita Falls are one step closer to having a completed 2019 Strategic Plan.

Council and staff were presented with a rough draft showing revisions of the last strategic plan based on yesterdays feedback. This new road map prioritizes objectives that still need attention.

Over the last two days, leaders had an opportunity to acknowledge their strengths, like downtown’s revitalization and talk about things they didn’t do quite so well. While much of the 2017 plan will stay the same, they did condense this year's plan from seven objectives to five. Knocking off some completed task and merging so goals into other categories. Council was able to vote on what they felt was most important.

One objective City leaders say they want to work aggressively on is actively engaging and informing the public.

“I think that one of the big changes we would like to focus on after this strategic planning is the citizen being the source of the information. If you want to know the good information, the correct information, come to the city we will provide it for you,” said Wichita Falls Director of IT, Blake Jurecek.

Mayor Stephen Santellana adds that while they did show improvements in that area there is still work to do.

“Some of the things that we retouched on that I’m glad that we have is accelerating economic growth. That is going to be huge for us. We're going to continue to do that I can't see any council that won't have that as their primary focus for a strategic plan. Downtown development growth and we are talking a lot about social media right now, responsibility, social media broadcasting ourselves to reach more people and be more transparent get more people engaged in government I think that social media is going to be the way we do that,” said Santellana.

City council expressed building a better relationship within the community could make many of their goals easier to reach. Members suggesting increased social media efforts may be the answer.

“Social media platforms like Facebook live. So maybe they should be the way we do some of these things or some other social media event that lets people, you know its a lot easier to ask questions from your house than getting in your car and drive we can also have a mediator, we have a lot of good ideas that we are going to put on our plan its just a matter of implementing them,”said Santellana.

Concerns have been explored, possible solutions have been discussed and the planning session is now over. The next step is to let a consulting group in Dallas do a final revision before the city council ratifies it next month.

City officials other objectives include infrastructure and efficiently delivering city services.

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