City View ISD outlines improvements for May bond election

City View ISD outlines improvements for May bond election

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - The City View ISD school board has called for a $10 million bond election for this spring. The Superintendent, Tony Bushong said the last bond that was passed was to build the Junior-Senior high school in the late 90′s.

After studying both City View ISD schools for three months, a diverse bond committee made up of members who live in the school district shared their recommendations to school board members.

Bushong said Wednesday night the board decided to call for a bond election to make many repairs to their school district. Part of the repairs is at the elementary school where Bushong said parts of the building are close to 100 years old.

"We've had a lot of plumbing issues but even beyond the plumbing our bathrooms are not in real good shape," said Bushong.

The bond would allow the school district to renovate every single bathroom and replace 40-year-old air conditioning and heating units as needed.

“We want to put new lighting,” said Bushong. “Some new LED lighting throughout the school [will be] more energy efficient and a little easier on the eyes.”

The Junior-Senior High School would also get new lighting. However, the big problem there is all the damage the school has on the walls and floor due to foundation problems. Bushong showed us how some cracks on the wall are so big, you can see the light from the next room.

"The foundation is moving and if we do not repair those issues we could really see some problems down the road," said Bushong.

The committee also suggested expanding the field house to put three locker rooms. The locker rooms would be for the boys and girls because at the moment Bushong said the girls do not have one.

“We also want to have a larger weight room,” said Bushong. “We have a wonderful power-lifting team and we spend a lot of time in our weight room.”

Expanding the band hall and the Ag shop is also on the list. The expansion of the Ag shop would allow career and technology courses to move into the building. The committee also recommended the board to demolish the administration building and the old tax office beside the elementary school to make more parking spaces.

The new administration building would be built just behind the Junior-Senior High School. The bond election is set for Saturday, May 4 with early voting to begin in April. Bushong tells us several town hall meetings will be held before election day to inform the community about the bond.

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