FC Wichita Falls first round of tryouts

FC Wichita Falls first round of tryouts

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) -Vincent Reed has been playing soccer almost all his life and he said Saturdays tryouts were tougher than he imaged.

“It was definitely a lot rougher than I was expecting.There is a lot of energy out there and fast-paced movement. I tried to keep up,” Reed said.

The indoor soccer field at the Kay Yeager in Wichita Falls buzzed with excitement as early as 7:30 am. By the time tryouts actually started there were more than 60 hopefuls on the field. Coach Brandon says he has seen some talent here today and will soon have some hard decisions to make.

“It is tough to narrow it down, to be honest, we have other guys that are not here that are maybe out of town that we have in mind. We are trying to see what we can do to bring in the right group of player to make that 15-16,” said Coach Brandon.

The team allowed an audience to watch while players hit the field to win a coveted spot on the final roster. Coach Brandon said it may be a while because they are taking their time.

“Sort of take our time making sure we know a player inside and out before we ink them. Are they going get along with the rest of the team or cause problems,” said Coach Brandon.

Vincent says he hopes he is picked, but whatever happens, he had a good time.

“I played for a while but I kinda relaxed a little bit to focus on work and my family. I just felt good to be on the field and play for a team. Great feeling,” Reed said.

At least 20 players will rest a little easier tonight knowing they made it past the first round.

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