Texas Tech police find weed rice crispy treats in dorm room fridge

Texas Tech police find weed rice crispy treats in dorm room fridge
Weed rice crispy treats found in Texas Tech dorm room

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After a complaint was made about a resident of Gates Hall selling marijuana, THC wax, mushrooms and LSD to other Texas Tech University Students, 19-year-old Cristian Alvarez was caught with a trunk full of cannabis vape cartridges, paraphernalia, and cannabis infused rice crispy treats.

On Jan. 20, officers doing a foot-patrol of Gates Hall smelled a strong odor of marijuana from Alvarez' dorm room. They knocked without an answer but came back the following day to find the same smell.

After Alvarez agreed to a search of his room, police discovered a black trunk that they later learned contained a scale, bags, various marijuana products and paraphernalia, including 123 cannabis vape cartridges.

During their search, Police also discovered twelve homemade rice crispy treats in the refrigerator. When asked about the rice crispy treats, Alvarez said his girlfriend made them and he was keeping them in the refrigerator because they contained marshmallows.

Alvarez was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, delivery of marijuana and being in a drug free zone.

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