Boy Scouts of America now invites girls to join

Wichita Falls now has two girl BSA troops

New BSA troop

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Troop 43 is the first of a new era for the Boy Scouts of America. This new Boy Scout troop is all girls.

Monday night at their second meeting, they prepared for their first flag ceremony that will be held this weekend.

The new Scoutmaster, Maya Spadin, jumped at the chance to lead the new troop as soon as the Boy Scouts of America began allowing girls.

“We took that chance and started our own group,” said Spadin.

They are not alone. Just a couple of weeks ago, the BSA started allowing girls between 11 to 17 years old to fully participate in Boy Scouts, and more than 1600 girls signed up that day.

Scoutmaster Spadin has been involved with the scouts for a little more than a year with her son and was happy to add her daughter.

“I just loved what I saw him learn and thought it would be good for girls as well,” said Spadin

The rules were changed after scout families voiced their desire to include their daughters and sisters in the same activities and values that the boys were learning and to also make it easier on parents.

“It was just not family-inclusive. Nowadays, people are just going all over the place to have to take girls to Girl Scouts and boys to Boy Scouts. It is just so much easier to drop your boys and your girls off at the same place,” said Spadin.

Not only is it more convenient, but the change is also allowing girls to learn the same program as the boys.

It allows the girls to earn the same merit badges and even achieve the same advancements, including the rank of eagle scout.

“I think it’s really empowering that females are able to be in troops and learn the things that we are able to learn now,” said Sara Russell, girl scout member.

The BSA is hoping this historic new move will help them carry out their mission on a greater scale of providing life-changing benefits to all young people.

For more information, visit Boy Scouts of America.

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