Construction underway for Wichita County Law Enforcement Center

Construction underway for Wichita County Law Enforcement Center

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - So far, $1 million has been spent on the construction of the new Wichita County Law Enforcement Center.

Wichita County Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said construction is right on schedule and workers are doing earthwork to prepare to lay the foundation for the facility.

“The second week in January they actually started removing the old parking lot that used to be on the side,” he recalls.

The new site is expected to have over a hundred parking spaces and a new gate.

Each week county commissioners get an update on the progress of the construction, and so far they are happy with what they have been seeing.

Beauchamp stated, “This week they’re starting to tie up steel in preparation for doing the foundation piers that will go in next week. Also, this week they’re putting in a sewer line that will connect with the city sewer.”

The new Law Enforcement Center has been in the works for nearly 2 years since Wichita County residents approved it at the polls in 2017.

There are 250 local employees that are working to make the facility a reality. While things are moving along there is a lot more work to be done in the next 19 months.

“It’s hard to really see what’s going on, but as things start to progress – like next week when the foundation piers start going in – you’ll actually be able to start seeing the footprint of the building,” Beauchamp said.

The building will be able to hold over 600 inmates, include an in-house infirmary, and have a gym for employees.

Construction is expected to be completed in August of 2020.

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