MSU Student Government Assoc. proposes campus safety fee

MSU Student Government proposes campus safety fee

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Midwestern State University Student Government Association proposed a campus safety fee to replace the parking pass.

As of now, only students with cars pay $110 to park their vehicles on campus. The proposed fee would remove it with a tuition increase $50 for a full-long semester and $25 for a summer semester for all students. It would be a two percent tuition increase.

“The reason we’re proposing to be put into tuition instead of an out of pocket fee is so students can us use their scholarships and financial aid instead of having to pay for it out of pocket with a credit card," Ellie Gunderson SGA President said. "They can actually have a conversation. The students I’ve heard from liked the idea because they would not have to pay out of pocket when school starts, in August.”

Gunderson said even if a student takes two full-long term semesters it would be cheaper than the cost of parking now. She said the parking fees go up $20 every year.

“We’ve seen a lot of backlash from the students from the parking passes," Gunderson said.

Under the proposal, campus safety fee would go towards the same thing the current parking fee does, pay for MSU Campus Police and cyber security.

Since every student would pay the proposed campus safety fee, Gunderson said it would help raise more money for the university’s safety needs, an estimated $700,000.

“That would be annually but it could go up if we vote to do that in years to come," Gunderson said.

Gunderson said the proposal would help in another way.

“It will help increase the relationship with the police officers that way they’re no longer writing tickets for people who don’t have passes," Gunderson said.

“It’s like a good investment but since we’re paying so much I don’t know," Kaioyn Martin a freshman said. "$50 doesn’t seem so much but to people who can’t afford it and not getting assistance with financial aid. It could be a problem for them.”

“Honestly, I would pay the $50 campus safety fee instead of a $110," Briona Sibley a freshman said. “$110 for a parking sticker just to park in most spots not all the spots is just too much.”

"It’s like most of the spots are reserved and you can’t park in them,” Cryselle Dunlab a freshman said.

Gunderson said reserved parking spots would remain reserved.

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