MSU Board of Regents move ahead on multiple issues

MSU Board of Regents move ahead on multiple issues - 5PM

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - In Thursday’s meeting of Midwestern State’s Board of Regents, major improvements were planned for the school.

Department of Radiology partners with Shimadzu

“It brings loads of excitement,” assistant professor Jackie Miller said.

In the agreement with Shimadzu Medical Services USA, Midwestern State University will pay over 1.7 million dollars for more than 4 million dollars worth of equipment and a service warranty.

The partnership will update two things in the radiology department, the equipment and the name.

Now, The Shimadzu School of Radiologic Sciences.

“Being the first corporate naming sponsorship of an accredited radiology department in the united states, it’s huge for us and it’s huge for Shimadzu we pioneer and lead together,” James Johnston, provost and vice president for academic affairs, said.

It will replace outdated equipment running computed radiology, and will become digital, the standard for most clinics.

Giving students a more real life experience in the classroom, before internship or job experience.

“With Shimadzu coming on board, and our new building, we’ll go totally DR and our students will be training on equipment they’ll actually be using in their clinical sites,” Miller said.

Professors will benefit from the partnership as well.

“It also constituted some agreement or opportunity for our faculty to collaborate with Shimadzu as a company,” Johnston said.

An upgrade that wasn’t going to happen without the partnership.

“We’re actually going to end up with a better overall situation than we could have ever dreamed,” Miller said.

Dual Credit program introduced

High school students will have some new opportunities with MSU, with a Dual credit program being approved.

This will allow students to take courses in high school that will give them credit at MSU.

Students will take them either at their high school, on MSU’s campus, or online.

Students that took dual credit in high school say the biggest benefit is saving money.

“Oh it saved me plenty of money though, tons and tons on classes," Michael Forbus said. "I had teachers I had all my life and they helped me get it better than here in a bigger classroom.”

A test course is already being offered with Wichita Falls Independent School District with six students taking a School and Society course.

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MSU Board of Regents move ahead on multiple issues 6pm

Regents compare online versus in person classes

MSU is looking into how online classes can be best used with the changing landscape of education.

They compared classes in different majors that show different results across the board, some classes show better results online than in person and vice versa, while even others are split down the middle.

Officials say it ultimately comes down to how a student prefers to learn.

“The faculty member learns to deliver in that mode and then the student has to be prepared to learn in that delivery format," Johnston said. "We have students that aren’t really prepared in a face to face format because the collegiate level of maybe delivering that course is different from what they experienced in a high school setting.”

Tuition increase to be voted on in May

A tuition and fees increase is considered for next year. Part of this comes from a security fee you can read about here.

The student government association says the rate increase is understandable as the cost of higher education rises.

The board will officially vote on the increase in May.

Facilities update on ongoing construction

Officials say the second floor of Moffett Library is one week behind schedule while the third floor is three weeks ahead of schedule. They are expecting to finish on time.

The university is working to move forward with its Facilities Complex as well. Officials are taking bids while looking for a contractor for the more than $2.5 million project.

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