Wichita Falls ISD celebrates Digital Learning Day

Wichita Falls ISD celebrates Digital Learning Day

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Wichita Falls ISD school teachers and students showcased to district administrators, community members and personnel from area school districts how they integrate technology into the classrooms for Digital Learning Day on Thursday.

Students showed how they learn using Google Chromebooks, nearpods (a form of coding) and even virtual reality.

“We want them to have the device and research and find information quickly," Frank Murray WFISD Director of Instructional Technology said. “We want them to work in groups and collaborate with each other on a level that’s powerful and not just split up the workload.”

“When you walk into those classrooms, the students are engaged they are learning and that’s the ultimate goal,” Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said.

Murray said the technology is also used for ‘accelerated learning.’

“When we do online assessments now, the teacher knows immediately, when a student turns it in, what questions they missed and what questions they got right," Murray said. “Now, they can group those students and can re-teach quickly.”

One of the schools on the Digital Learning Day tour was Fain Elementary. The school is entering its second-year using a Project-Based Learning curriculum, a lesson plan that throws away the traditional pen and paper teaching method for more hands on learning which includes working in groups to build something and tell their classmates about it with a commercial.

“The impressive part to me is how the students have used their success skills," Murray said. "They’re able to greet. They’re able to be interviewed. They’re able to talk about their learning so to me that’s one of the most important parts.”

The WFISD is one of 12 Google Reference districts in the state that means they teach other Texas districts how to implement the technology.

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