How Air Force meteorologist keep airmen safe during flight

SAFB Special Part 3

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Staff Sargent Benjamin Hawk, Tower Watch Supervisor talked about what the weather center communicates with the control tower and lets them know what kind of weather they are expecting.

Precipitation of any kind, thunderstorms, lightning and even wind speeds are just a few things that Air Force meteorologists report to the tower.

He also communicates with the meteorologists to see if any incoming weather is going to occur or where the winds coming from.

Because the winds really dictate how they are going to do their operations. Any bad or severe weather can be very detrimental to the aircraft or even the airmen’s mission.

It’s not just the control tower that relays information to pilots. Once an aircraft leaves the ground, the Radar Approach & Control room then takes over.

An air traffic controller then relays any new information to the pilots while they are still in the air.

Airman First Class, Angelica Aguirre, Air Traffic Controller talked about how the Radio Approach & Control Tower interacts with the pilots and what information they get from the weather center.

They really depend on the team in the weather center. Because whenever the weather is rapidly changing it is absolutely crucial that they are in contact so that they can completely the mission as a team.

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