WFPD: Vandal damages three businesses on Kemp Blvd

WFPD: Vandal damages three businesses on Kemp Blvd

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - Three Wichita Falls businesses are recovering after being vandalized Saturday morning.

The owner of Gyros and Kebabs was going about his normal routing, opening the store at about ten this morning when he encountered a homeless man. His employees and neighboring restaurants say this is not uncommon, they are used to feeding homeless.

“I try to help anybody. I trust people. just once I try to be nice I gave him a bottle of water and phone to call,” Abdula Razavizideh said.

Next thing he knew, Abdul was hiding in the back of his story while listening to his front windows being shattered.

“Bam Bam Bam, and these four glasses broke. And police say Metro PCS glass is broke and he did it,” Abdul said.

Metro PCS and Hamilton Bryant reporting damages as well. The incident forced Gyros and Kebabs to close until further notice.

Abdul was not harmed during the incident.

Police say the suspect, who is in custody, had been hearing voices telling him to break windows.

He’s expected to be charged with three counts of criminal mischief.

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